Certified Pre-Owned Audi Cars for Sale in Tulsa

You may have purchased a vehicle before, but it is a whole new experience when you decide to invest in a certified pre-owned Audi. This certification process is designed to provide you with a vehicle that is going to be reliable for many more years to come. Don't be discouraged by some of the untrustworthy used car dealers or private sellers out there. Our Don Thornton Automotive Group service center ensures that all our Audi certified pre-owned vehicles are ready to go, flawless and affordable. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits you receive from driving a certified pre-owned Audi around the Bixby, OK area.

The Audi Inspection Process

When our dealership acquires a used Audi that we intend to sell, our service technicians will put that vehicle through a very detailed inspection process. This process will look at more than 100 different areas of a vehicle to determine if that vehicle is worthy of certification. If our staff finds anything wrong with the vehicle, repairs and maintenance will be performed before we place the vehicle for sale. Keep in mind, we only use parts that come straight from the manufacturer in order to ensure the integrity of each repair.

Certified Pre-Owned Audi For Sale in Tulsa, OK

Warranty Coverage That is Included

Most people assume that a used vehicle isn't going to come with a warranty any longer. In fact, Audi provides a separate warranty for their certified pre-owned vehicles. You get unlimited mileage with coverage honored at over 300 Audi dealerships throughout the United States, including the Owasso area. You can even transfer this warranty to another owner if you decide to privately sell your vehicle a couple of years later on.

In addition to these benefits, we will make sure that you get a completely transparent vehicle history report for the vehicle that you are interested in. We want to make sure that you understand the investment that you're making so you are happy with the purchase. Even after the sale, you can rest assured that we will provide any ongoing maintenance and service that is needed for the lifetime of the vehicle. Stop down to our dealership near Broken Arrow, OK or give us a call today!